Can I still collect my packaging orders from your office / warehouse?

No. Unfortunately, due to the current COVID-19 situation we can no longer permit visitors on site. We can deliver to you.

I can see on your website that you provide a wide range of standard single walled cartons and double walled boxes. Can you also supply printed boxes?

Yes, we can supply bespoke, made to order, printed boxes.

Why should I choose Bayquest Packaging over your competitors?

We stock the largest range of industrial packaging materials in Dorset, are an independent company, offering a professional, but friendly service, at competitive prices.

I thought that Bayquest Packaging specialised in polythene products, such as plain printed polythene bags, layflat tubing, sheeting, pallet wrap, bubble wrap etc. How long have you been supplying non polythene based materials ? 

Back in 1982, when the company was formed, we did specialise in polythene. Increasingly we have added other products to our range, as a result of customer demand, so that we now offer a comprehensive range of industrial packaging materials.

Does Bayquest always stock all the products that appear on this website?

We do our best to keep all the product lines available at all times, enabling next day delivery, or same day collections.

Do you have the expertise to solve my specific packaging requirements ?

Yes, we would like to think so, as we have many years of experience in the packaging industry.

If I want a product that you don’t stock,  would you consider stocking something new for us even if it is not a standard product?

With a written commitment, we are always adding new product lines, saving customers valuable storage space.

Bayquest Brand

Does your packaging tape vary in quality ? I bought some from a company that was initially good quality, though not so good after the first order.

We always try to source good quality packaging tape products and offer consistency. This practice applies across all our product range.

We require polythene bags of food grade material. Do you stock bags of this quality?

Virtually all the polythene bags are made from virgin food grade polythene, perhaps the only exception is black refuse sacks.

Our current supplier doesn’t always do what they promise, as we keep getting let down with late deliveries. Are you reliable?

We are extremely reliable, and will always try to keep our customers informed. On the rare occurrence of us not being able to meet a delivery date, we will respond, and offer a solution or alternative, where possible.