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Tape gun / dispenser for e-tape™ packing tape 50mm (WETD)

tape gun tape dispenser for e-tape from Bayquest Packaging
From £8.50 per pack of 1
Tape gun / dispenser for e-tape™ packing tape 50mm (WETD)

This yellow and grey tape gun / dispenser is suitable for our best-selling e-tape™ packing tape range.

The 50mm (WETD) dispensers, or tape guns, are strong and durable ergonomic dispensers that provide easy operation and can help increase efficiency.

Our range includes dispensers with fully retractable blades for improved safety.

The tape dispensers can also be supplied with a silencing bar for a lower noise solution.

Ergonomic to hold and easy to use, these tape dispensers are ideal for use in an office, workshop or fulfilment centre.

These tape dispensers are safer, more comfortable, durable, smoother and very efficient and effective - they make using tape a joy!

Distinctively branded in our parent company's yellow and grey colours, the e-tape™ tape gun is a great choice.

Together the e-tape™ range of hotmelt, solvent and acrylic tapes, with this ergonomic tape dispenser, make the perfect packing choice.

Contact us at Bayquest Packaging on 01202 893 473 for all your adhesive tape requirements or advice - we can help you pack.

Tape gun / dispenser for e-tape™ packing tape 50mm (WETD)

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