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Single Wall Cardboard Boxes

Single Walled Cardboard Box L2019
From £11.25 per pack of 25
Single wall cardboard boxes or cartons from Bayquest Packaging, High quality fluted cardboard boxes for packing, removals or storage.

Single wall cardboard boxes / cartons prove ideal for smaller and / or lighter items, and are also cost effective for internet and ebay outlets. 

Dimensions for cardboard boxes / cartons are always denoted in the following order Length x Width x Height.   

Bayquest Packaging's range of single wall boxes are ideal for use in the home, office or factory. Made of good quality fluted cardboard, these boxes are supplied in packs of 25, flat packed for ease of storage and can be made up using Bayquest Packaging's range of packing tapes, such as e-tape parcel tape.

SIngle wall boxes are widely used for general standard use, including storage, removals, packing and for shipping.

For advice on which single wall box is right for you, or for any packaging advice, contact Bayquest packaging on 01202 893 473.

Single Wall Cardboard Boxes

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