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Hand Sanitiser Offer Pack (3 Dispenser Pack)

bottles of hand sanitiser gel
bottles of hand sanitiser gel
From £74.95 per pack of 1
Hand sanitiser offer pack of 1 x 5 litre and 2 x 500ml dispensers

Hand Sanitiser Offer Pack

Sourced from our trusted UK suppliers we are pleased to be able to offer a limited supply of:

1 x 5 litre of blue hand sanitiser with an effective 60% ethanol formulation.

2 x 500ml pump dispensers of 70% alcohol based anti-bacterial gel.

For £74.95 for all three products - whilst stocks last.

Reuse & Recycle : Use the 5L to refill the 500ml dispensers when empty.

Please note due to supply and demand during COVID-19, the sanitiser product and packaging may differ slightly from that shown in the images above. However, all product is sourced from our trusted supplier base. In some cases the 5L blue gel (70%) will be substituted by a 5L clear (60% formulation).

Hand Sanitiser Offer Pack (3 Dispenser Pack)

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