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Anti-Bacterial Wipes (40 pack)

anti-bacterial wipes pack of 40
From £2.50 per pack of 1
Pack of 40 anti-bacterial wipes. Ideal for helping to keep the workplace or home clean.

Thes anti-bacterial wipes are ideal for surface disinfection and cleaning of non-invasive devices.  They contain a unique, patented antimicrobial formula and can be used as a skin friendly, disinfectant and detergent wipe - replacing the need for multiple wipes and surface cleaners.

Proven to kill at least 99.999% of germs (according to European Standard Tests: EN1275, EN1276, EN12054, EN14245, EN14476, EN14561, EN14562 & EN14563).

Thes anti-bacterial wipes are one of the most effective antimicrobial products on the market. They have a formula that contains a mix of different biocides, with each biocide having a different mechanism of action, reducing the risk of germs developing resistance.

An excellent product to counteract healthcare associated infections (HCAI), preventing and reducing rates of HCAI involves infection prevention and control.

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Anti-Bacterial Wipes (40 pack)

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