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100m Rolls of ECO-FRIENDLY Paper Packing Tape (100% RECYCLABLE) ET50EPT

Eco100 eco-friendly 100m rolls of recyclable paper packing tape from Bayquest and Wessex Packaging
From £108.00 per pack of 36
Recyclable and Extra Long 100m x 48mm rolls of brown paper packing tape. Great value parcel tape. ET50EPT

An innovative, eco-friendly 100m roll of 100% recyclable self-adhesive paper packing tape - a product that is new to the market and definitely an advancement in the packaging industry.

As an alternative to plastic packing tapes, Eco100 has a unique 50mm cardboard core and it's 100m of tape gives you 50% longer than most standard tapes.

Made of a strong Kraft solvent paper, Eco100 is easily applied and sticks to most carton surfaces.

Eco100 can be used on Wessex Packaging's e-tape guns (note; tape gun supplied separately).

This means that you have less packaging waste; less downtime to change rolls; and the rolls take up less storage space - making Eco100 and efficient and eco-logical packing solution.

For all your packing and parcel tapes, contact Bayquest Packaging on 01202 893 473 or Wessex Packaging on 01935 474 217.

Packaging made easy. That's what we do.

100m Rolls of ECO-FRIENDLY Paper Packing Tape (100% RECYCLABLE) ET50EPT

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