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Benefits of PowerWrap®

Lower cost per
pallet wrapped

Lower your plastic
tax (PRN's)

Enhanced bulk
stacking safety

Reduced Plastic

Reduced Movement
in Transit

High Clarity film for
presentation & scanning

Product Information

Wrapping pallets is all part of the day-to-day. But it can add strength to your business. Protecting and presenting your brand in the supply chain is crucial. PowerWrap does this for you, in the most efficient and productive way.

Technologically engineered film delivers the stretch, strength and puncture resistance that previously only thicker, heavier films could manage. Now you can wrap more, using less film…and gain a bigger benefit. Put PowerWrap® into your business.

Do you know the real cost
of wrapping your pallets?

We've proven success
that'll help you deliver your
KPIs and save £££'s on your
pallet wrapping.

As pallet wrap experts, we work with operations and logistics teams to make their pallet wrapping more efficient and sustainable.

Often, we find ageing, damaged machinery and an outdated, wasteful wrapping process.

Wrap 250 pallets from
of film

Using the same principle as plywood or bullet proof glass, PowerWrap is a nano stretch film made up of multiple layers of polymers.

These polymer layers are selected, blended and extruded to create a technologically advanced product, that is far stronger than conventional stretch films.

PowerWrap’s range of 33 and 55 layer new-generation nano films are designed for optimum hold force and tear resistance, together with lower plastic consumption.

We'd like to challenge
the myths
around wrapping pallets

  • Thicker film isn’t always stronger
  • Wrapping more times isn’t always safer
  • The cheapest roll price isn’t always the lowest cost
  • Pallet wrapping machinery isn’ a big capital outlay

We'll cut your
pallet wrap
plastic by

Let us save you £££s
on your pallet wrapping.

Wrap your pallets
from as little as

Let us save you £££s on your pallet wrapping.

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Let us save you £££s on your pallet wrapping.



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